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don't you trust me? that's not it, alicia. but you're not alone. and martinez... i told you they're after him, too. do you want to know why you're all getting caught? because you didn't do things right. your plan didn't work out. humberto ledesma's alive. the americans have him talking. i'm so happy to see you. i was worried sick. you'll have to get used to it. i've always done everything alone. you don't have to worry about mario anymore. what happened? i'll tell you inside. martinez... finally.
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que aquí viene el chipotle chicken & cheese -- el featured five dollar footlong de enero.
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ipruébalo en tostadito flatbread con salsa chipotle southwest ahumada! el featured five dollar footlong del mes. solo en enero. subway. come sabroso y fresco.
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hoy día, los restaurantes fast food reciben muchas críticas. demasiada grasa. demasiado colesterol. demasiado, demasiado. así que cuando la american heart association dice algo positivo de un restaurante fast food, eso también es noticia, ¿no? subway es el primer restaurante con comidas certificadas por la american heart association, cumpliendo con las estrictas normas que van más allá de las calorías. busca el "heart check" en muchas comidas fresh fit de subway. subway. come sabroso y fresco.
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